Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Even a Dum-Dum Can Grow Yum-Yums

I am proof that even someone who knows (next to) nothing about gardening and plants can grow stuff.

In fact, even someone who starts their seeds far too early, keeps them in containers too small and forgets to water them sometimes can grow decent sized plants.

IN FACT, even after trying to kill half the plants by letting them grow up to touch the lights they are under and half of them burn and whither as a result, I still have somewhat healthy-looking plants. The Yum-yum peppers - which I admit I ordered based solely on their adorable name - are doing so well that even though they got scorched, they are still producing flower buds (which I plucked off... should I have done that?). So far I am loving the yum-yums!

Monday, April 14, 2014

THIS is why I don't plant tulips!

Ahhhh spring. Finally -- the bulbs I lovingly tucked into the ground in the Fall are popping up.

Daffodils, hyacinth, crocuses...

... Tulips.

Uhm. Tulips? Right. I forgot -- tulips are like candy to deer. Frikken deer.

Note to self: don't waste time planting tulips!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Simplify: Not That Simple! (But one thing you can start TODAY)

It turns out, simplifying one's life is not that simple.

It's one thing to say, "Get rid of half your stuff"... and would definitely lead to a simpler, easier to maintain lifestyle. Thing is, paring down your stuff takes time. Then you have to do something with it -- donate it all? Yard sale? Sell it online? All these things take time, planning, organization.

There's a huge limit on my time and energy these days... with three kids, meals, chores, activities, and just the basics of keeping a household running (somewhat) smoothly, there is very little time OR energy left over. I guess this whole simplifying thing is a process -- a  long one, with a bunch of steps. It can seem a bit intimidating at the outset (like exercising! which I'm also not doing much of these days!)...

However, there is one thing you (and I) can start doing TODAY that requires no advance planning, no tools or research, and no real adjustments of the schedule. Yet it's something that makes a HUGE difference in your life. Are you ready for it?...


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

April: The Month of Waiting

I'm told Spring is coming. It WILL come. It HAS to. We are nearly there...

April... Inside: I've got lovely little plants flourishing under grow lights. Outside: everything is sopping wet. It's still pretty cold and dark. Every morning going to the window to see if the clumps of snow have finally disappeared (answer: no... but we're close!). The ground is probably pretty frozen under all that mud and yuck.

The waiting is killing me.

Knowing how much work awaits me in the garden, I am itching to get a jump on it, but the weather this Spring just hasn't cooperated. As I'm limited to the weekends, it really depends on a few hours of sunshine at just the right time (in our house: baby's nap time!). Do you hear me Mother Nature?? I need some warmth and sun please! 

In the meantime, I've got thoughts of planning and decisions to make:

  • compost versus aged manure? Both? What about mulch? When can I put it all in the raised beds? Is there anything else I need to add (lime?? bonemeal??)
  • hoop tunnels versus cold frames?
  • when to start hardening off
  • what to use for supports for peas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes...
  • when can I really start planting out the lettuce, leeks, onions, spinach...
  • can I convince The Hubs to build me a garden shed next to the house?
  • is this Spring really going to be as cold and crappy as the Almanac predicts?
Who knew veggie gardening would be so time consuming... and complex... and addictive?